• Katie's Debut EPListen to tracks from Katie's debut EP.

  • Singing is my greatest passion in life and it has always been my dream to record my songs. I consider myself very lucky to have made this EP. It has been an incredible experience to be able to share my passion for singing and performing with so many like-minded and talented musicians to turn this project from a dream into reality.

    It all began when I met VOCES8 at a concert in the beautiful church in Lyddington in Rutland near where I live. After the concert I was talking with Barnaby Smith, who sings with and is Artistic Director of the group, about the songs I sing and how I really wanted to record them. Barnaby is a producer and when he offered to record me in the beautiful Gresham Centre at St Anne & St Agnes Church in the City of London I really couldn’t turn him down.

    The Gresham Centre has an incredible acoustic, and Barnaby assembled the British Film Orchestra and the amazing guitarist Vasilis Bessas from the Aquarelle Quartet to accompany me. I practiced more than ever and finally it was time to make the exciting journey to the heart of the City for the day of sessions. It was a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Singing with the orchestra was such a thrill, and being able to hear myself in the wonderful venue is an experience I’ll never forget. I’d like to extend my sincerest thanks to Charles MacDougall and Paul Phoenix. Singing a duet with a double Grammy® Award winner was such a wonderful opportunity for me. Being able to sing descant lines over Paul’s dulcet tenor voice was a real treat. Charles was there for all my recordings to coach, conduct and make me laugh. He really brought the best out of me and I am very proud of the tracks.

    I am also proud of the relationships I have formed with the composers whose music I am performing on this disc. Chris Broom has always been very complimentary about my pure tone and his belief in me has inspired me to be confident when I sing. Andrew Jones was kind enough to write a song especially for me. Andrew and I sat and shared ideas and he listened to my singing really carefully so that he could write a song that fitted my voice perfectly. The first time I heard the Pie Jesu was on the radio, never did I think that John Brunning would be so kind as to come and work in the recording session with me to help me really give the best performance that I could. These composers have been an inspiration to me and I can’t thank them enough.

    Recording with passionate people in such a relaxed atmosphere has been beyond my wildest dreams. I want to thank them all, especially my family & singing teacher Julie Unwin for always believing in me. I hope you enjoy my debut EP.

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