• 18.02.2015As an Ambassador for the Children's Air Ambulance, visited the DLRAA Air Ambulance Base. She met with Colette Richardson and Charlotte Marsdon who look after Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland in terms of fundraising & learnt a lot about the work of the Helicopter crew.

    It was wonderful to meet them and see the Agusta Helicopter take off. They fly at a top speed of 185mph - around 4 times faster than by road & it costs £36 in aviation fuel to fly for 10 minutes. They don't receive any government funding.

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  • 03.01.2015I am very proud to have been made an Ambassador for the Children's Air Ambulance.

    I heard that there was now a Children’s Air Ambulance and felt that I could help other Children by volunteering my time as a singer to help raise funds at charity events. I contacted the Air Ambulance and offered my help through my singing to help raise the funds needed to continue the amazing work they do.

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